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The Uncompahgre River RV Park was initially developed by Bill and Lukie Fletcher as a retirement hobby after Bill completed a career as a general contractor. As a result of his knowledge and experience with development and construction, the park was designed and built with a level of expertise and pride of ownership far beyond what goes into a typical park. His vision of a landscaped retreat with large, paved spaces and amenities like complete family-style bathrooms was well thought out and constructed.

Unfortunately, Bill passed in 2016. In the months prior to his passing, the park fell into a state of disrepair. Thanks to the dedication of his son Bob and Bob’s wife, Ruth, the park was returned to its initial glory in preparation for its sale.

After over 20 years in engineering consulting, I stumbled upon a listing for the property while having my Saturday morning coffee. Three days later I was signing the offer after a rather cursory tour of the property. Although it was the middle of winter, the beauty and potential of the property was quite obvious and the decision to purchase was one of the easiest of my life.

After over 15 years as a veterinary technician, my wife was ecstatic to have found such a wonderful opportunity in such a beautiful setting. Temporarily debilitated by back problems, she was unable to see the property for several months. She lived vicariously through my photos and videos (be sure to check out our photo/video page).

Lukie, Bob and Ruth have been a tremendous help in educating us about park practices and in many other areas. We are so grateful for their kindness in helping us with the continued success of the park.


Riverside Benches

Set amongst the cottonwoods flanking the river and corn fields, our park provides the feeling of a remote local with amenities of urban life. If you can’t find what you need in Olathe, Delta and Montrose are only 10 miles to the north and south and offer a larger variety of stores, shops and restaurants.

Recent improvements include multiple wood sculptures and riverside benches by Ken Braun Jr. of Montrose, expansion of the park to the south, and construction of storage units for golf carts, ATVs or your other possessions and toys. Many more projects are now in the works!

Our park is located central to more attractions and opportunities of discovery than you will have the time to enjoy. Many folks check in for a day and stay for a month!

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We hope that returning guests will look forward to experiencing the same relaxing park. See our progress in continuing Bill and Lukie’s vision. All guests will love the Uncompahgre River RV Park experience, whether you are a ‘first timer’ or an ‘old timer’.

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